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Mountain Electronics, Inc.
2880 White Oak Road
Burnsville, NC 28714
828-675-9200 / 800-370-6053

          Mountain Electronics specializes in repairing circuit boards for the commercial laundry industry.  We have been repairing electronic control boards for the coin laundry and OPL industry since 1999. Since that time, we have built a team of top-notch technicians and excellent customer service representatives. Our reputation for exceptional service, competitive prices, and quick turn-around times has helped us build a strong foundation of loyal customers. When you send us your defective control boards, we first replace the components that we know are prone to fail. We then perform a complete "power off" systems test (by cross-referencing your defective boards with known good boards) to determine if there are other defective components, which we replace as well. The final step is a real life "stress test." By connecting your circuit board to our custom computerized test simulator we can simulate real life conditions. This insures you have the highest quality and dependability in your repaired control boards!

To send us a board for repair, please visit our Shipping Page.

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