Repair Services

We repair the electronic control boards and ignitors from all commercial washers and dryers. We have sophisticated test simulators which fully test computer boards from all the major commercial laundry manufacturers, including:

American Dryer (ADC) Continental Girbau
Dexter International Dryer
Ignitors (ADC, Fenwal, RAM, SQ) IPSO
Maytag Milnor
Primus Speed Queen / Huebsch
Unimac / Uniwash Wascomat

Our repair prices range from $50-$325 for circuit boards, and $40 for most ignition controls. For a price quote, please call us with the part number of your control board: 828-675-9200. When we receive control boards in for repair, THEY DO NOT GET TESTED FIRST.  Once we receive your circuit boards they get disassembled, then we remove all the parts that tend to fail on that style control board (whether or not all those parts have failed on your control board yet), then the boards get thoroughly washed.  Next, the control boards go to our trained technicians who repair any broken solder connections or burned trace lines, replace any additional components that are damaged, and then hook-up the control boards to our test simulators.  All repairs include a ONE-YEAR Warranty and free UPS Ground or US Priority Mail return shipping (in the lower 48 states). If you have any questions, please contact us!

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